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I am Ebboni, the proud owner of {Above The Bar}. You might all be wondering where did I come up with the name {Above The Bar} and how did I get into the all natural bath & body business. Well, it was easy.First, it was my beloved late grandmother Reaver Walke that taught me how to make soap from scratch when I was only five. Then it was my late beloved adoptive mother Doris E. Gaspard  that was always making some homemade concoction for me and my sister’s skin that always seemed to work. As time passed on I put all of that aside. But God had other plans and  a strange way of not allowing me to forget his gifts that he had given me.

There was a woman that worked at a women’s center in Binghamton New York, her name is Swantje Edwards that reignited what had been passed down to me, what I had almost allowed myself to forget from my mother’s. I was pregnant with my youngest daughter Kyrah who is now 14, and Swantje had invited me to a class that was being held at the women’s center so I went. To my surprise it was a soap making class and so the passion began, all that I had tried to forget resurfaced like a light piercing through the dark. I remembered everything that was passed down to me from my mothers and I took off with it never to let go again.

There were two elements that brought me to finding my business name. E-Ky Jewelry & Gift Boutique, my first business name did not establish that I specialize in quality luxurious all natural bath & body care. My clients would always tell me that “people have no clue that you make these amazing products, they think that you’re just a gift shop until they come in to you store”. Then, I’ve done my fair share of craft fairs and shows which I still love to do,  and I noticed that there was a difference in how I displayed my product, how I packaged my product, and most important my ingredients. Other bath and body vendors would always come over to my booth and complement my work. They would ask my opinion on how to do certain things in the business and I was always happy to answer. So, one day I was getting ready for a show and I looked at one of my bath bars and honestly it just hit me

{Above The Bar}.  In that moment I found that there was nothing wrong with me wanting the absolute best for my clients and I. If my goal is to be the best then why not have the best name to fit with the best all natural handcrafted creations. So I changed my business name from

E-Ky Jewelry & Gift Boutique to {Above The Bar}.

{Above The Bar} is an all natural soapery which is now located in Pocono Summit, Pennsylvania, where I create my entire line of luxury bath & body products. I have been perfecting my technique for over 14 years and pride myself on quality and that personal touch. I only use the finest ingredients in our product line. At {Above the Bar} I specializes in over 75 custom fragrances, bath & body care, and custom skin care regimens. I offer an exclusive blend of essential oils and natural ingredients to deliver healthy, radiant skin. We’re not only the best in luxury bath & body care, we also offer a wide range of custom made handcrafted gift items that are sure to delight.

Come visit us and shop our entire line of handcrafted bath & body products in addition to our handcrafted jewelry & gifts. We are sure you will simply love the cozy and inviting atmosphere where you can enjoy a wonderful shopping experience.

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